It’s just an illusion


Illusional Reality is a New-adult romantic fantasy.

Now my fans are wondering why I’ve written a romantic fantasy. It’s no secret that I write in most genres, but I’m known for my hard-hitting Outlaw MC thrillers.


The film Lord of the Rings inspired me to write Illusional Reality. In fact, I came out of the cinema and by the time I arrived home (40 minutes) later, book one was completed in my head, the synopsis on paper, and explain with OTT excitement to my husband.
It didn’t take long to write the novel but many things changed before I was happy with the final draft. You see, once you start writing a book, and you’re in the “Zone” the characters take over and tell you were they want to go. And if you need to sleep, you have to do what they say. Many authors will agree with me on that.
At the time I wrote Illusional Reality there were no ebooks, so I submitted the manuscript to agents and publishers hoping for the big break and I knew it was the right time to get my book out. Fantasy films were hitting the big screen and people were either Potter mad or buying their own copies of L.O.T.R trilogy. But it was rejected. Then life got in the way and I put the book/s in a folder and then in the office cabinet and it stayed there for TEN years.
I promised my readers a new book maybe my last, and I have three projects on the go, but no interest to continue writing them at the time. So Illusional Reality was dusted off and here we are


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Have a read of the blurb

Nobody expects to stare death in the face only to find out your entire life is a lie.
Rescued by Salco, marketing executive Becky finds herself in an unknown magical world filled with happy people that try to forget their land is on the brink of destruction.
Becky will soon learn none of this was an accident, and the council of Tsinia are certain her union with Darthorn’s son, Kovon, will create peace. And although her future has been planned out, she gives her heart to another.

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You will not find any elves, dwarfs, witches or fairies in this tale. There are no goblins, unicorns and pots of gold at the end of a sparkly rainbow.
The underlying theme is love, sacrifice and forgiveness. You may meet a Portie or a telent. And if you’re lucky maybe a Zenith will transcribe an oracle. There are no Fantasy stereotypes in my book. The names, places, spells, they are all original and the plot fresh. Whether you like fantasy or not, you will love these characters. You will cry and laugh and then want to hunt me down when you get to the end of the book.


Illusional Reality is available to pre-order, so please do.


Film review for World War Z


I guess I was expecting a film along the same lines of The Walking Dead, after all it was the popularity of the TV show that called for a film to be made.  But I was surprised to see if was more of a thriller rather than a horror. Not that I’d let my oldest (9) watch it, but there was hardly any blood or scary faces, in fact, I could say that the ogres from Lord of The Rings were scarier than these Zombies.
However, the film was great.
I’m glad they didn’t go through a long scene of how the virus started and spread, instead it was done in a matter of seconds.
I think my favourite clip of the movie was when Brad Pitt counted the seconds it took for a person to turned into zombie. It was only 11. So you can just imagine how long it would take for a city to be overrun that was what was terrifying about the film.

As for Brad Pitt’s acting skills, I’ve seen better. The main character didn’t really have much to say or do. The film was about the action and the people around him. Although Brad was a hero in the movie, any leading actor could have done the part just as well. No Oscar sorry Pitt.
What was off putting about the film was the speed of the action scenes, they went through so fast it was hard to distinguish what was going on and then there was that dreaded shaky camera syndrome, seems a lot of film are doing this.
And the best thing about the movie was that they didn’t overuse the special effects.

Talk about snakes on a plane, try zombies!

4 stars for effort.

Halloween special



If you could sit down with a witch and ask her questions, what would you ask?

Please welcome the witch in question, Jerri.

Sit back with your brew everyone and enjoy this frank but fun interview.


When people think of witches, they see broomsticks, black cats and a black pointy hat. Why do witches have such a bad rep?

It is true that when people typically think of witches, they think of the pointy hat and greenish complexion, and broom riding. This was said to have come from elderly women who were healers or herbalists in small villages; beginning as early as the 1600’s. They would cast them out for being non-traditional, not using proper medical procedures, even though they healed. The authorities would take all their belongings including their clothing, force them to wear a burlap sack and they were made to walk the streets of the villages that shunned them. Old, Haggard, that’s the look that stuck with Christians to portray us as creepy, evil, non-repenting. The broomstick riding comes from Gaelic Wicca mostly, as they believe that if you didn’t cast a spell on the broom, it was surely Fairies. As far as the familiars (black cats) the Christians chose that one too, because of its dark appearance, but a witch chooses any familiar he/she wishes. The pointy hat, however came from herbalists called “pagani.” They wore brimless conical hats at first, but then later Christians changed it to the large hat with the brim. Witches adorn many types of head-gear from headbands with the pentagram, images of the Goddess, green leaves and even antlers.

So you are a modern witch. Do you cast spells?

I have been a witch for 27 years, and although life can get hectic and busied it is important to keep the magic flowing. Yes, I cast spells and perform rituals and say small prayers and blessings every time I pass my altar.

You have a big holiday coming up, where witches and monsters are supposed to roam free. What does Halloween really mean to you?

Samhain/Halloween is my favourite holiday. We feast and decorate. It’s the beginning of winter and the beginning of the darker half of the year. The Greenman will rest, it will be the time of the Crone; harvesting, cooking and feeding friends and family. I’m starting to make some goodies this weekend. It’s a lot like the Christian version of Thanksgiving, similar foods and gathering of friends. It is most important to me because it’s when the doorway to the spirit world is open, just a crack, but it allows the spiritual presence of our loved ones that have passed to join in the festivities with us. It’s a time for me to honour the Dead and be closer to them.

Are you part of a coven if so what do you get up to?

No actually my Mother was a Christian Wiccan Herbalist/healer. I am a Solitary Eclectic Wiccan, no coven.  Another reason I don’t belong to a coven, I don’t like being told what to do or how to do it.

Isn’t the religion Wiccan supposed to be about mother nature. Can you clarify?

I don’t believe in organized religion of any kind. Yes, you call her mother nature, I call her Goddess. I follow the seasons. Everything around us is alive and worthy of respect, from the dirt, to the air around us. Each season change represents a different stage of the Goddess. Now it is harvesting, feasting and rebirth. Oh, and by the way, eclectic for a Wiccan means I take bits and pieces from different beliefs such as Druidry, Gaelic and Fairy Lore. My body is my altar and everything around me is my church.

Now for the ultimate question…. what is your favourite witch film?

hmmm… that’s a tough one because they portray witches so differently in movies and on T.V. I like The Craft, (one of my favourite as well) because there is some truth in it. Witches Of Eastwick is one of the best.

Got to fly now getting ready to make some Bewitching Brownies. I’m off to a Halloween Party  this evening.

Thank you, Jerri and blessing be.

Plenty of dark short tales in this diverse collection. Heads & Tales buy direct from the author. Leave out the middle man.


Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club

Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

SOA, for those of you that have been out of the loop, Sons of Anarchy, is a TV show on FX based on the thrilling life of a bad ass outlaw motorcycle club.

SAMCRO  Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club, Redwood Original  lives and runs Charming a fictional town in the central Valley of Northern California, and the residents don’t seem to care (it’s all about tough love.)

The programme showcases some of the meanest talent on TV, and even the women are tough; well you’d have to be if you want to earn the title of LADY.

It’s not worth me going through a list of who’s who, as SOA is on its 5th season and season four left us with a change of power which most fans thought was well overdue.

Creator, writer, genius, Kurt Sutter’s original idea was to base the show on Shakespeare’s Hamlet… and we all know how that story ends.

Mr Sutter is not afraid to speak his mind as those that follow his tweets know. He also films regular video blogs called W.T.F Sutter, where he answers questions from his hard-core fans. Although he won’t admit it, he cares about what people think regarding the show.

You can follow Kurt Sutter here blog and tweets

And if you’re a die-hard fan or a newbie, feel free to join one of the many friendly Facebook fan pages.

Love our SOA

SOA fan club

Sons of Anarchy season 5 aired on September 11th, with a spectacular opening that will leave you gasping . Awesome. Kurt has done it again.

SOA Merchandise

HUNTRESS  Book two of the OUTLAW series.11952790_10153055082645814_4914859226312843756_o

Come and hang out with the Wolves one of the baddest MC in fiction,
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Stone Cold feature


STONE COLD YA supernatural thriller



Interesting storyline, well crafted. The author has the ability of gaining the readers attention and never letting go. Not my usual reading genre but was recommended by a very good friend – I’m glad she did!!

An intriguing YA thriller, “Stone Cold” presents the truly ugly side of bullying, whether it is as simple as older children demanding a younger child’s lunch money, or more complex such as backbiting and hurtful gossip, or even more maximal, such as crimes against persons and against property–all in the name of “looking out for number one,” and let the rest of the world-all the victims and potential victims-suffer. In this story, the tables are turned, and for once a lifelong victim of bullying finds she-or someone like her-has the upper hand and the power to influence change.
“Stone Cold” is also a story of moral values, and of justice vs. retribution, mercy vs. vengeance, and friendship vs. the need to be part of a clique. I think it will find a wide audience, because there are very few who haven’t been the victim of at least some form of bullying, gossip, betrayal, at some point in our lives. Yet not many of us would go to the extent Billy does to solve her problems, and to prove herself superior to her detractors.


Ebook on 1.99 $2.99 Buy here




One moment, Billy was on her way to the bathroom, the next she was standing outside the hostel covered in mud. She couldn’t remember having a shower, let alone going outside.

Why on earth would I go outside in my pajamas, barefooted? Billy wondered bewilderedly.

The iced chill of the air stabbed through her clothes like daggers. She’d never felt so cold before. She was about to make her way back, only after taking one step, she stopped. A sharp pain pierced the bottom of her left foot. When she lifted it up to have a look, she was surprised to see the sole bleeding.

“How on earth did that happen?” She said aloud.

Billy limped her way back to the hostel, but stopped when she reached the front door.

If I walk through the main entrance I’ll have the supervisors and Professor Brian on my case, and I don’t particularly want to answer their questions.

The last thing Billy wanted was for everyone to know about her sleepwalking escapades, if that was what it was. So she decided to enter from the back. Luckily, her dorm was not far from the backdoor.

It appeared that everyone was asleep, and she managed to creep past without waking anyone. Carefully sitting on the edge of her bed, she lifted her foot up to have a closer look.

“Where have you been?” Susan whispered loudly, making Billy jump. “Jesus what happened to you?”

“Ssh, I don’t want to wake the others,” Billy answered. “Listen can you swipe some dressings and antiseptic and meet me in the bathroom in five minutes? Don’t tell anyone, okay?”

“Sure,” Susan agreed and climbed out of bed.

Billy grabbed clean nightwear and then limped to the bathroom. She noticed her toiletries lying on the floor under the bathroom mirror. As she bent down to retrieve them, she caught a glimpse of her reflection and couldn’t understand how she’d gotten into such a state. Dried mud covered her pajamas and most of her hair. Maybe I decided to have a mud bath instead, she laughed at her joke.

Billy took a quick shower and reflected on her dilemma.

So far, only Susan knows about the incident. I hope it stays that way. I can’t get it straight in my own head, let alone having to explain it to anyone else. How am I supposed to explain why I was outside in the first place without sounding nuts? I’m glad Susan knows, though, as I really need her help.

Dressed in clean nightwear, Billy waited patiently for Susan, and giggled when she turned up minutes later with her hands full of first aid products.

“What did you do, raid the box?” Billy laughed.

“Well, I didn’t know what you’d need,” Susan replied uncomfortably. Dying to know what had happened, she held her tongue until Billy finished cleaning and dressing the foot.

“So, where have you been?” Susan asked impatiently.

“Don’t laugh, but I was sleepwalking,” Billy said.

“You couldn’t have been sleepwalking; you haven’t been to bed yet.”

“I know. I fell asleep in the bathroom.” Billy smiled falsely

“No!” Susan laughed.

“I guess all the hard work and fresh air has finally caught up with me. I’m totally shattered.”

Billy was relieved that her explanation had worked. Actually, Susan had quite a giggle at her expense. Luckily, she didn’t question her any further.

Billy got through a restful night without anyone else finding out about her little escapade, and in a couple of days, she totally forgot about the incident. That was, until it happened again. In fact, it happened twice.







 Reading of STONE COLD






Interesting interview and an exciting excerpt to one of my books.

Thanks for reading :)


Do you believe in U.F.O’s? 

Have you ever, or do you know someone who has seen a UFO?

Are we alone?

Three simple questions. It’s the answers that can be debatable.

Do you believe in a UFO?

Well, if you take the question literally, the letters U.F.O stands for unidentified flying object. It does not refer to spaceships or flying saucers.

Flying saucer (confectionery)

So yes, there could be an object flying in the sky that you may not be able to identify.

Have you ever seen a UFO?

Why are most UFO sightings in America? Do aliens from another planet think America is the capital of the world ( I ‘m sure certain presidents  that do.)

I’ve seen mysterious flashing lights in the sky, but haven’t given it a second thought.  I like watching a good Sci-fi movie with the best of them, but how close are they to the truth?

Are we alone?

The Earth seen from Apollo 17.

Well, we all know from scientific evidence that there is life on other planets. If Earth could house this abundance of life, whose to say that in another solar system, universe or galaxy, there are not other planets that can sustain life forms. Do they look like lizard men, or jellied blobs? Who knows. I guess we have to leave that to the imagination of the movie studios.

So what are your thoughts?

Have you ever seen a UFO?

What’s your favourite sci-movie?

Does area 51 exist? Is there a conspiracy to hide the truth?

Urban Movies

Lost boys: A family moves to Santa Carlo home of the vampires. The eldest teenager, Michael, played by Jason Patrick catches the eye of Star, the only female member of a biker gang. Michael is warmly invited to join the gang, only after his initiation, he shows signs of becoming a Vampire. This doesn’t go […]

International Day of Metal




I had a chat with Iron Mathew founder of the International Day of Metal.

Why did you want to do this and what made you decide on that date?

There are many recognized international days of this and that, but none for heavy metal music, and as an avid fan of this genre I decided to create one. As for the date, well it had to be something memorable and as 6/6 is International Slayer Day, I doubled the numbers and chose 12/12, which then makes the inaugural day 12/12/12

What are you trying to accomplish?

I want to get everyone talking about this day and maybe get it recognised as a yearly international day. Heavy metal is one of the most popular genres ever and it should be recognised and celebrated.

How many members have you gathered so far?

As at 21/4/12 the Facebook group has over 2,930 members, and there are 11 official supporters for this day. Official supporters are those organisations, people, bands or anyone who posts a link on their website for International Day Of Heavy Metal, in return, a reciprocal link is placed on our home page.  47 countries have signed up (so far)

Will you be organizing any get together or festivals?

Personally no, but my hope is that others will. I plan on taking the day off work and spend it with my windows open, playing  as many classic heavy metal songs as I can.  I hope clubs, and bars will organize get together. I know a few bands are planning on organizing some gigs.

So now you know the date 12/12/12

celebrate loud and proud the International day of Metal.

As most of you know my favorite heavy metal band is Iron Maiden. If you want to know what going to a Maiden concert is like then you need to read In Times of Violence, YA urban thriller.

Heavy Metal Road Sign!

Heavy Metal Road Sign! (Photo credit: Deanmetal)

Bad ass jewelery

Most of these pieces belong to me and my Facebook pals. We love our statement pieces. If you’d like to add your own bad ass jewelry on to this blog, just send me your pics.


2014-12-14 12.06.14







For more bad- ass jewelry

Easter hype

For the Greeks, Easter is not about chocolate eggs, although there are more appearing in the shops every year.

The Greeks live by their religion (Greek Orthodox) so Easter is one of their biggest holidays.

Every town and city has their own traditions, but the beautiful Island of Corfu, where I have lived for over 19 years, is famous for their Easter.

Thousands of Greeks, as well as foreigners, travel to Corfu for the unique celebrations.

For forty days, traditional Greeks will fast, leaving meat, eggs, milk, cheese, and sweets from their diet. The rest of the country fast on Wednesday and Fridays, but all will diet for the last week before Easter.

Lefkimi is one of the largest villages on the Island. The first of the numerous parades begins when the sun goes down on Good Friday. Villagers dressed in black, congregate at the local church. Carrying lighted candles, they walk around the village while a band plays a funeral march. A wooden cross and religious icons lead the parade, while the priest and local villagers join up for the candle mass. Windowsills and balconies are lit up with tea candles, making the narrow village lanes look magical. Even though the parade represents the funeral of Christ, and the villagers are in mourning, it is an incredible sight. The atmosphere, although somber, is awe-inspiring.

On Saturday morning, thousands of spectators make their way to the Liston, in the centre of Corfu town, to see the pot throwing. Red cloths hang from the balconies of the homes above the cafes that make up the stunning French architecture of the Liston. Down below, thousand of Greeks crane their necks in anticipation. At eleven O’clock, once the first bell rings, enormous clay pots, filled with water, are thrown from the balconies. There are many representations for this tradition. Some say it comes from a passage of the bible, others that it derives from a Pagan custom that harvested products were stored in new pots and the old pots thrown away. It is also thought that the custom derives from the Venetians, who threw old items out of the window in order to receive new ones. I’ve also heard it said that the throwing of the pot represents Judas’s betrayal. Whatever the reason, this custom is a spectacular sight. Just make sure you get there before eleven because it’s over quickly.

Houses in the old town of Corfu, decorated wit...

At Eleven PM on Good Saturday, the  villagers of Lefkimi gather at their local  church. The children hold decorative  candles and lanterns while the adults  carry large plain candles. Each candle  is lit from the holy flame, which comes  direct from Jesus’ tomb. This flame  travels around Greece and lights every  candle around the country. Again, a  candled procession, led by the priest,  travels around the village. The  atmosphere is exciting and upbeat,  even the band accompanies the parade  with happy, joyful music. The parade  ends at the local church where the  priest says a prayer and blesses  everyone. At twelve o’clock, the church  bells ring out; once the priest cries out ‘ Christos Anesti’ (Christ has risen)  fireworks, gunfire, and loud bombs are let off. Everyone goes around kissing and shaking hands, wishing neighbours, friends and family present a happy Easter. At least, one candle must remain lit, so that the sign of the cross can be burnt above the front door of the home.

Back inside the house, the family feast on Mayirista, a soup made from lamb’s intestine. Dyed, hard-boiled eggs decorate the dinner table as the family competes to smash each other’s egg.

Easter dinner is fresh roasted lamb, which has been cooking all morning on a spit over an open fire. Some villagers prefer to leave the lamb for Monday and instead feast on (avgolemono) egg, lemon and rice soup.

Early Monday morning, each church has mass, and then the congregation leaves with their church flag. As the assembly walks through the village, other churches with their priests and flags join in the parade. By the time the parade reaches Portami (the bridge on the canal), the procession consists of Philharmonic bands, a dozen priests with their church flags and icons, and hundreds of villagers, all dressed in the fineries. At twelve o’clock, a priest says a prayer and a blessing, then deafening explosions blast in the cannel water, showering the unlucky spectators.

During the warm sunny days of Easter, you will find the cafes full of Greeks sipping Frappes (Iced coffee) and cold cappuccinos. In the evening, Tavernas and nightclubs open their doors after 11pm for bouzukis (live Greek bands) where the Greeks dance and drink until the early hours.

Corfu, (the emerald Isle) is an amazing place. Easter is exceptionally breathtaking. With flowers in bloom, and the freshly painted white-washed  walls, you will fall in love with the beauty of the Island. With unique traditions and countless celebrations, Easter in Corfu is an experience you will never forget.

Originally published in The real Greek Islands Magazine

copyright Karina Kantas 2007