What is that? I hear you ask.

The Brain to Books Cyber Convention & Book Expo has the feeling of a normal book/author convention but with so much more for the readers to see, hear and play.
The Cyber Convention is celebrating it’s 3rd year and it’s bigger than ever! Angela, B Chrysler is the brains, and working mechanics behind the CyCon and owner of Brain to Books, which is an open portal for independent authors. And thanks to the hard work of the genres managers, customer service, tech and the rest of the working wheels – who are ALL volunteers and have spent months making sure you and all the authors are happy and this years CyCon  and Book Expo is going to be the most successful and largest ever!

CyCon & Book Expo

Let me break it down. Imagine 200+ authors taking part in genre specific events such as Blog Hop, Genre Tours, Panels, Cover Wars, Character Tournaments just to name a few and then you, the readers can come into the convention and take part and it’s all FREE.


And then you have Storytime, where two wonderful and extremely busy ladies (who are also authors) make time to read excerpts from authors books. So grab a coffee or tea and get curled up on the couch to listen and watch Storytime.


The Blog-Hops are happening all over Facebook, websites and blogs. Follow the sign posts to all the blogs, take part, have fun, support all these amazing authors and enter to win books, swag, Amazon Gift Cards and lots more.

You can vote in the Cover Wars for your favourite book cover.

The panels are unscripted and start off with a theme and then the discussion gets passionate when the writers’ talk about the industry, their books, and life in general and you never know what will happen.

The Book Expo are book features, again genre specific, so that you, the readers, can go your favourite genre, and take a look at books you’ve never seen before by authors you have never heard of.

The Author showcase, which is run from Goodreads, work as book booth, just like actual conventions have. Here you can learn more about the author and their books, you can take your time as you stroll through the convention, stopping at booths that catch your eye. Ask the author a question – you know you’ve always wanted to do that. And don’t forget to take some samples and a grab bag when they are offered.

Author Showcase


Thriller GIVEAWAY Landscape

Don’t forget to enter the giveaways (there’s one for every genre)


And then there is JOE LIVE where you can click on anytime throughout the convention. Joe live is recording the convention, with live discussions, chat’s with authors and general chit chat and information about the convention 24/7. When Joe goes and shuts his eyes for a few hours, I will be taking over. So tune in you can watch and listen live anytime throughout the day and night and you can ask questions to myself, Joe and any of the authors that join us.



And for the first time, MC (motorcycle club) authors are now represented. Here is a showcase just for this awesome genre. You can listen to short readings of the best fight scenes in their novels, become a biker and take part in B2BCyCon Biker Run and learn who won the title of the BADDEST MC NOVEL, in the Biker Wars contest.


Umm what else have I missed? Seriously, there is so much for you to do, so much fun to be had on the cyber convention and book expo. 
Take a Look at All the Events on Offer

So you don’t forget about the convention, sign up to Save The Date where you will receive emails on the run up to the con. This wonderful gathering of amazing authors in all genres begins on 7th April 2017 and go on until 9th. The blogs will probably go on a little longer and of course, the showcase, panels, storytime, Joe live – in fact anything that is recorded will be around forever!
Save the Date

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Release date: March 20, 2017

With My Whole Heart is a complicated story about family.

 Jaime’s a young, single mother who is trying to make ends meet, feeling like she’s always waging an uphill battle to make sure she and her son are housed, fed, and healthy. Connor’s designed his life to stay too busy for relationships.

How complicated is it?

She’s his big brother’s surrogate, and he’s the sperm donor. How in the hell would this ever work? Connor didn’t know, but he was determined to convince the feisty little blonde to take a chance on him. What he didn’t realize was it meant taking a chance on himself, too.




Paranormal Romance With Spice

Chained in Desire FB Size

Chained in Desire is the forth book in the Enforcers and Coterie series, which has the momentum of a urban fantasy series but the fun and sizzle of a paranormal romance.

As a Mage Demon Enforcer, Victor Tremaine is one of the elite classes. Only a handful of mages have earned this distinction since demons are tricky buggers, especially those who have entered Earth illegally. Six months ago, he received an assignment — find and capture something that shouldn’t even exist: a human turned demon.

Imagine his surprise when she appears one day and attacks him.

Isabella Tuarez has been tuned into the emotions of others all her life. She’s only ever wanted to help, but that driving desire may prove to be her undoing. Escape from her captors should’ve been a happy time. Instead she found herself held by someone more ruthless. To survive, she must prove her usefulness.

She must kill an Enforcer.

Chained in Desire 1



“Who are you?” she demanded, willing him to say anything but the words that would prove her theory. Taking on a Mage Enforcer was suicide.

Vic’s eyebrows furrowed, and he scratched at his stubbled chin. “You stalked me for over a week and then attacked me without even knowing my name? Should I be flattered?”

“I know your name, Vic,” she snarled, the knot in her stomach tightening with each passing second. Please don’t say it. Just be a mage who’s irritated the Overlord.

“Well that’s a start, although I prefer Victor. Vic is my street name.” He grinned and then bowed, somehow making it elegant instead of mocking. “I’m Victor Tremaine, Mage Demon Enforcer extraordinaire, second to none.”

Her world bottomed out with his words. Not just a Mage Enforcer, but one of the special ones. As Revenant had warned her, Victor hunted demons. Damn the Overlord to whatever hell he came from. She staggered back a step, ignoring the steadying hand he held out and the look of concern on his face.

She’d seen firsthand how swiftly his features mimicked emotion while he truly felt nothing. He wouldn’t fool her. Even now she sensed nothing from within him, an emptiness that scared her.

“I’m sorry,” she said, donning a meek and helpless expression while inching forward. “I didn’t want to hurt you, but I had no choice.”

The gap closed between them. She grabbed his arm and spun him face first into the nearest wall and winced at the resounding crack.

He laughed. The mage actually laughed.

“It’s not often a woman tries to harm me, at least, not so soon after meeting me.” He glanced at her and winked. “This might hurt my street cred, so let’s keep it between us, eh?”

Chained in Desire is available at most major retailers: books2read.com/u/b6QpOA 


About the Author

Veronica Del Rosa

Veronica Del Rosa is a master at disguises. She can be a computer geek, an obsessed reader, a fun-loving mom, a sci-fi lover, a distracted gamer, and occasionally, a wise-cracking author. But don’t let the disguises fool you. First and foremost, she’s a romantic at heart.

Want to see what the supervillain hero is up to? Hunt her down at these following locations:

Amazon: https://goo.gl/9af7PS
Barns and Noble: https://goo.gl/vMzvyX
Kobo: https://goo.gl/xaaAPK
iBooks: https://goo.gl/T1glT5
Smashwords: https://goo.gl/9BpZY8






Brain to Books Cyber Convention and Book Expo



🔫Come and join the amazing group of best-selling MC authors already signed up to these exciting events 🔫

Brain to Books is holding it’s 3rd Cyber Convention and Book Expo in April and all ready the events are filling up.

This is a fantastic platform to be seen by potentially thousands of readers.
The Cycon works just like a actual convention and will include every event an author can possibly want and more.
Open to all authors – all genres.

I am running the thriller genre and have organised three exclusive MC events just for you.


Have you got the baddest MC novel out there?
Can you win the war, earn the gavel, and sit on the head of the table?

Biker Wars is a contest where authors of motorcycle club novels will battle it out in a series of small competitions to see which book wins the title of the “Baddest MC Novel”.
The author will also win bragging rights, an award which they can use on their cover of their book, and use on all your social media pages and a special memento.

Each book will be judged on ten criteria such as best cover, best fight scene … by a panel consisting of (all ready chosen) SOA fans, MC members and associates, and insatiable readers.


Your FB author/book page is now a pub that the B2B Cycon run is going to stop at for a drink. Make sure you’re fully stocked as this convoy of bikers will be LONG

The public will be taking their motorbikes and going on a run while stopping at a few pubs on the way.
Bikers can enter into a drawing for a prize of the “pub keeper’s” choice. Prizes could be, but are not limited to: ebook, swag, Amazon gift card, etc. The more unusual the better.
For a biker to be entered into your prize draw they need to complete the task you set out to them. Such as subscribe to your newsletter, follow on Twitter, like your facebook page…
A grand prize will be awarded to one of the bikers that has completed a run. A run is completed by visiting every pub on the tour.



Join a panel of fellow authors of MC fiction as we chat about the show, plot lines, the actors that portrayed these diverse characters and what the show means to you, as an author.

Viewers, Stay tuned for a bloody good hour of chat, laughter and debate about one of the BEST shows to grace our TV screens.

Sign up to save the date reminder and you could win $100.

Registration is free so please add this to your cart and make use of the give-away and grab bag free options as well.
There is a small charge for each event.

I hope to see you all there. It’s gonna be WILD







The Matter of Manred Continues…

With the day of her arranged wedding fast approaching, will the Lady Eithne agree to marry King Eowain? What sinister forces have gathered to oppose the happy day? And what interest do the mysterious drymyn-priests and their dark, forgetful Gods have in such a mundane matter as love?
Since the day she was born, the Lady Eithne of Dolgallu has lived under a magical prohibition: she may not marry before the omens are deemed favorable.
Now, after a harrowing journey to the most sacred place in the Five Kingdoms, the mysterious priests and priestesses of the powerful Drymyn Order have pronounced the omens favorable, and her wedding to King Eowain of Droma has been arranged.
But Eithne has the right to accept—or reject—her suitor.
She did not set this geas upon herself, didn’t ask for the special attention of the Gods to her love-life. Yet the time for her decision has come.
Eowain has proven himself loyal, brave, kind—all the things any woman might ask from a man.
But there’s the way of it: “This is the man, you must marry him.” Is she not a free woman? Was she not guaranteed the right of choice?
Eithne is frustrated by the expectation that she will simply acquiesce to her fate, that she must accept that the Gods wove some secret pattern for her life and she can do nothing to stop it.
So how can she prove she has the freedom to choose if she doesn’t choose, “No”? How can she know for herself that her will is truly her own if she consents?

• Amazon Author Page http://Author.to/MichaelEDellert

• Universal Amazon Link to The Wedding of Eithne: http://getBook.at/Wedding-of-Eithne

• Kindle Edition direct from my own online workshop at 40% off retail: http://www.mdellert.com/blog/product/wedding-eithne-kindle-edition

• Signed Paperback Collector’s Edition! Direct from my own online workshop at 30% off retail: http://mdellert.com/blog/product/the-wedding-of-eithne-amazon-print-edition


Here’s a closer look at The Wedding of Eithne

The plates of the cauldron had been hammered from within to push out the wyrd metal surface. From the facets of the boiling pot, mystic coelbreni runes and curvilinear pictographs stood out in the glow from the statue at the other end of the chamber.

The ancient image of Kârn, god of the forest, was on that cauldron. He wore roebuck antlers with the motif of a tree between them and sat with goat-legs crossed beneath him. In his right hand, he held a torc, and with his left gripped a horned serpent behind the head. To the left was a stag with antlers similar to those of the god. Dogs, cats, and cattle surrounded the scene. Some faced the god, others faced away. The antlers of the god reminded Eithne of the massive rack that hung over Eowain’s hearth in Dúnsciath. That seems so long ago and far away now. How strong and fierce and handsome he looked. And now… Tears welled into Eithne’s eyes, no matter the guards, the people. Helplessness and defeat overwhelmed her.

The brutes raised Eowain’s linen-wrapped body high in the air. The cauldron bubbled with herbs and mystic roots. On another of its plates was the bust of a torc-wearing woman, flanked by two six-spoked wheels and what seemed to be two elephants and two fierce, winged gryffins. Beneath the woman’s bust was the image of a terrible lion. The ancient chants of Corchen and the priestesses rose in a feverish spiral through the grotto.

Eithne shrieked a little as his linen-wrapped body sizzled into the scalding water. She had not thought it possible, for those short men to reduce his whole, bearish, war-like body, his whole life, into that cauldron. It seemed not nearly so vast as to contain the man she’d come to love.

The Wedding of Eithne releases in Kindle and Paperback on 28 March. Reserve your copy today

About The Author


Michael E. Dellert is an author of adult epic and urban fantasy based in the Greater New York City Area.

He is an award-winning writer, editor, publishing consultant, and writing coach with a publishing career spanning 20 years. His blog, Adventures in Indie Publishing, is a resource for creative writers of all kinds.

As a blogger, he offers tips, tricks, and advice to aspiring writers seeking to improve their craft, and provides insights into the current state of the publishing industry.

His poetry and short fiction have appeared in literary journals such as The Backporch Review, The Harbinger, Idiom, and Venture. His poetry has also appeared in the anthologies The Golden Treasury of Great Poems and Dance on the Horizon, and he is a two-time winner of the Golden Poet Award from World of Poetry Press.

Michael is also the author of the fantasy novellas, Hedge King in Winter and A Merchant’s Tale, the full-length novel The Romance of Eowain, and now, The Wedding of Eithne, heroic action-adventures for the discriminating reader of new digital and print fantasy literature. With his graduate education in literature and writing, his experience in the publishing industry as a digital editorial production and design professional, and his love of fantasy literature, he practices what he preaches in his online courses on creative writing: discipline, integrity, commitment, and imagination. Take a journey with him into the Medieval Celtic Fantasy of the Matter of Manred Saga, a deeply imagined fantasy milieu like few others, and find yourself embedded in a medieval dystopia of feuding savage tribes, their petty hedge-kings, and the merchants and brigands that fight to make a living among them, while dark forces awaken in world rich with eldritch sword-and-sorcery adventure.

Learn more about Michael E. Dellert and his work at mdellert.com where you can read reviews, excerpts and sneak peeks, and subscribe to his newsletter. An active part of the indie author online community, you can also connect with Michael on Twitter, Facebook, and Goodreads, where he is often found chatting about books, fantasy lit, coffee, and the daily ups-and-downs of writing.

Website: http://www.mdellert.com/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/MDellertDotCom

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mdellert.editor

Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/14849380.Michael_E_Dellert



Fantastical young adult adventure


This is the first and only time you will get this magical romance for free. So download it now.
Download here

Illusional Reality
Fantasy romance suitable for new adult and young adults.

Image may contain: 1 person, text and close-up

This was very different then my average paranormal read, but that is why I love it. The dialogue is incredibly proper and I enjoyed the consistance of it. It is well written tale and I believe it is of good quality clean YA read and rate this book 5 stars.


I absolutely loved reading this book. It is unlike any other i have ever read and i was instantly drawn into the world of this book from the very start. The main character Becky gets stalked, injured and then finds herself in another reality and is known by the people in this new reality as a woman named Thya. She is not just any woman to these people. To them she is their queen and their savior and so Becky/Thya finds herself battling in a war using newly acquired powers that she never knew she possessed to bring this new world called Tsinia peace and harmony and so she battles against Kovon a Senx warlord. She doesn’t really want to be a part of Tsinia but finds herself making sacrifices and becomes attached to the people of this world and wants to do right by them and ultimately finds herself falling in love with Alkazar. This love is forbidden as he belongs to someone else but their love is meant to be. I absolutely loved these two characters and was rooting for them and their forbidden love from the start. I don’t want to spoil anything but the ending of the story is amazing. I would highly recommend that people read this book as its definitely a work of great masterpiece and you will not be disappointed.


From the very first paragraph I was totally into this book. We meet Becky, whose life is in danger and then she is whisked away to another world where her name is Princess Thya. We learn about a whole new world, about magical powers, Thya’s family history…oh and there is romance too. Looking forward to where the author will take us with the next book in this series.


I read during my commute, so I get 20-40 minute snatches of time, and that’s it. Having a book that is easy to read – and keep up with, is very important.

With most books, you have to back up a page or two. That is something I NEVER had to do with this one! It is well written and captures the imagination, guiding you into the new land and language with such easy grace that you hardly are aware of it.

Great read; great book!

Karina Kantas’s Illusional Reality is so much more than its initial premise. It begins in somewhat typical fantasy style with an “ordinary” young girl being transported to a mystical world where she is in reality, a princess.

But with powerful character and plot development Kantas takes us alongside our young heroine every step of the way in a story that can be read on several levels. This is achieved through evocative description, narrative which explains how this magical land of Tsinia ticks – and dialogue which is not only realistic, but skilfully used to carry the story forward.

A heady mix of dark danger, warfare and romance sees us reach the end of the story all too quickly, and we can but hope that Karina Kantas will bring our heroine back to Tsinia before long.



Dystopian SciFan Series by Kristen Campbell


Book description

November 12, 2052:
Earth has lost two-thirds of its population to the Great War. Many more lives have been lost to earthquakes, the Clover Virus, and the Death Plague. Years later, survivors are clumped into factions. Two of those factions—the Brotherhood and the Guild Faction—have battled over medical supplies and food for years. The fight is coming to a head as manpower dwindles and the struggle becomes one to gain numbers, even if said numbers are children…
Griffin Storm, an albino man kidnapped and dragged into the Brotherhood, has transformed into a G.O.D., a Genetically enhanced Omni-dimensional being. Two weeks in the brig, and Griffin’s released after it’s determined that he’s learned to control most of his god-like abilities. His abilities have grown almost as much as his love for Tassta Vinetti and his unfortunate blood lust. His bond with Tassta’s twin brother, Penn, has grown as well and is cemented in secrets.
Soon after his release, Griffin’s told that Guild agents and the notorious Trips (super-agents of the Guild) are in the Underground. He must now test his abilities to save the abandoned children that live there. Will Griffin rescue the children of the Underground from a tragic end? Will Tassta and Griffin’s love survive such turmoil? Can a G.O.D. forgive himself when death and destruction follow his every move? Read Blood Phase, the gripping second book in the G.O.D.s Series!



 About the Author

Kirsten Campbell is the author of Blood Master – Book 1 of the G.O.D.s Series and of several short stories and poems that have been published in
Bewildering Stories

Ascent Magazine
Beauty Talk
The Fairfield Review
 Poets-Artists & Madmen,
Interracial Voice
Sagazine Online
The Write Gallery
The Pittsburgh Quarterly Online
The CoffeehousePress Journal
To learn more about Kirsten and the G.O.D.s Series, visit:


Kirsten was abandoned by her Jamaican father and German mother at six-years-old and she somehow survived a very devastating childhood. She found strength and courage through reading and writing and she graduated from school, got married and raised four wonderful children. She also cared for several children that were abandoned by their parents and/or by society, (a few were literally left on her doorstep.) She fed and clothed them and sent them to school and taught them to be upstanding, decent members of society.