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Sometimes the smallest debt comes with the highest price.

Kat went down the rabbit hole and came out changed. Now everyone wants something from her and she is hard pressed to give in to any of them.

Only the irresistibly mysterious Cheshire Cat seems to be on her side. But even he has secrets of his own. Secrets that cause him to show up beaten and bloody on her doorstep.

Dancing around lost friends and determined ex-lovers will be a feat on its own. Doing it and staying sane? Impossible.


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About the Author

Erin Bedford is an Urban Fantasy and Paranormal Romance author, a computer programmer by day, and a hobby hoarder.

Creating fantastical worlds have always been a secret passion of hers and she couldn’t imagine writing any story without some kind of lovey-dovey or smexy goodness in it.


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Virtual FantasyCon is a fun and interesting online event happening in October and best of all it’s free.
The location is your computer. You can drop by any day during the event and check out the booths for that day. There will be authors, bloggers, editors, artists, and publishers to list just a few. There will be a Cosplay booth, Blog Hop Hunt booth, panel discussions, and a new booth his year an Author Cache Sale booth (This booth is new and is only for the participating authors on the day of each event. Books on sale for $1.99 or 0.99 can list these books in the comment section below for guests to find and buy.) It is put together by lovely people like Carol March, Raven Williams, Denise Garrou, and others who have worked behind the scenes to make this event happen.

It’s a place to catch up on your favorite author and discover new authors. There is epic fantasy, urban fantasy, dark fantasy, children’s fantasy, and YA fantasy to name just a few of the different types of authors that will have a booth during the event.

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Step out of reality and into an illusion.



Independence day – Resurgence

Film  Review

Okay, so it was never going to be as good as the first. The first film was fresh, new and had the witty one liners from the brilliant Will Smith. And although he was missing from the film, they did have familiar faces playing the same character roles. Unfortunately, some are only cameo roles as they get killed off early.

The special effects were great, if not some a little over done. What you didn’t get is the feeling of doom, as you did in the first film. Yes, the aliens are back. Yes, the world is going to end. But it was so similar to the first movie, that it felt like they were just going through the motions. There was no grabbing onto the edge of your seat, very few witty one liners and it was all too familiar.
That’s what brings me to the cringey part of the film. The same ‘they will not take away our independence’ speech, the same one manned plane, taking out the alien mother ship, the same tentacle grabbing alien wrapping around a person’s throat to enable it to speak, was all replayed.
The most memorable part of the film, was being allowed to see the aliens close up, especially the actual mother/queen. And the film ended on a high note, hinting that there could be a number three, or even a whole bunch of other films, running off the original story.
It was an enjoyable film, but for the fans of the first film, don’t expect too much.
Independence Day – Resurgence gets a  ****   4 out of 5 from me


Thursday Thoughts: Featuring Author Karina Kantas ‎@KarinaKantas

Welcome to TOW bi-monthly feature Thursday’s Thoughts. On the second and fourth Thursday of each month, I share the thoughts of a featured author in the form of answers to questions I posed t…

Source: Thursday Thoughts: Featuring Author Karina Kantas ‎@KarinaKantas

Someone loves Tsinia

I created this magical land from my imagination. When I use the term ‘there are no fantasy stereotypes in this novel,’ there really isn’t.  I wanted this story to be unique. The world everyone and anything in it to be unique. No matter how many fantasy books you have read you will not have come across a Telent  or a Portie. How about the power of Sonica or Yepsy. Ever heard of the Changlins?
Have a read of this latest review

Step into the unique and fantastical world of Tsinia

Oh my, what a world Karina has designed here.
She has created her own planet, inhabitants, speech, dress, all unique and vivid.
Karina sets up some great and compelling characters. Thya, Alkazar, Omad, Kazer, Kovon, Siren are all intriguing for their own reasons. We love them, we hate them. I’ll let you make your own opinions.
This truly is a fantastical world with magical gifts, a reluctant princess, an angry warlord and oracles, and contains lots of espionage, treachery, suspense with a bit of romance thrown in.
I love it when a book doesn’t spoon feed the story to you and rather lets you discover things progressively and with an ending like this one, fair warning guys, “Cliffhanger ahead”.
I really enjoyed this unique and interesting story and I’m sure you will as well.


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Falling in lust is easy. Learning his secrets comes with a price.


Could you handle his silence?

The next novel from bestselling author, Eden Summers, is set to catch your breath. Inarticulate is a contemporary, standalone romance novel and a read you won’t want to miss.

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He’s silent––but his touch speaks louder than words.

At first sight, Savannah is drawn to the harsh appeal of a man who refuses to talk to her. Keenan’s hard stare is arrogant and unapologetic. The quirk of his sensuous lips is cocky and in control.

But there’s more. There’s something deeper he’s trying to hide behind those steely grey eyes––a slight hint of vulnerability which captures her intrigue.

She’d been warned, told that his silence hides a myriad of lies capable of affecting her career and relationships with loved ones. Only she can’t help herself. Testing Keenan’s defenses is an addiction she can’t deny.





About the Author

Eden Summers is a bestselling author of contemporary romance with a side of sizzle and sarcasm.

She lives in Australia with a young family who are well aware she’s circling the drain of insanity. Eden can’t resist alpha dominance, dark features and sarcasm in her fictional heroes and loves a strong heroine who knows when to bite her tongue but also serves retribution with a feminine smile on her face.