Do moths eat clothes?

I was chatting with my girls about one of life’s wonders. The cycle of a caterpillar to a butterfly.
Did you know that when the lava comes out of its egg, it eats the shell?
Anyhow, so we watched a couple of YouTube videos. I never knew the caterpillar got rid of its  head and antennas before it when into a chrysalis stage.

So this carried onto the subject of moths, which my youngest has a fascination with. I always thought it was a moth that ate the material and made the holes in the clothes. Which is why the pensioners used moths ball, and why out best suits are covered and the wardrobe.

Did you know that a moth only lives for about a week? They don’t have a mouth so they don’t feed. So how can thy eat your clothes?.
The answer is eeekk moment.

Take a look at this.