Those that know me well know that my biggest fear is EARTHQUAKES. And yes, it has a scientific name SEISMOPHOBIA.  The term comes from the Greek word SEISMOS (ΣΥΣΜΟΣ) meaning earthquake or war and can you guess what the Greek God of fear was called. Yep, you got it, PHOBOS (ΦΟΒΟΣ.)

The reason I’m bringing this up now, as yet again is another big earthquake hit 6.2 magnitude killing many and nearly destroying a whole town.
Here’s more about that breaking story. Sky News

Yes I’ve been in Earthquakes before and of course you’re scared for your like and your family’s and you have a fear of your house being nothing but ruble. This is rational. What’s not rational is screaming out for your husband, rocking on the bed and hysterically bawling while the bed or chair is shaking.

I blame my fear of all the disaster movies like 2012 and for my hubby, who by the way built my home, telling me that if we had a large quake the house would crumble.

So what fear to you have? And what do you think caused your fear?