“You retain a sharp tongue, Thya. Tis prudent you do not remark more. I recognise the duration spent absent from your land has not taught you manners. Tis prudent you depart. I will give you duration to mull over your decision, for your heart will alter.”

Thya was seething. “I do not need duration to mull over your pathetic proposal. You will never control Tsinia.  I will rule henceforth.”

She regretted the words immediately. Did she realise what she had said? Would she keep to her word? Could she?

“You will pay for your impertinence,” Kovon warned. “What I do hereafter will be on your head. Remember that, Princess!”

Thya left then knowing if she said anymore her subjects would be put in further peril.



Illusional Reality by Karina Kantas