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Reviews : ROAD RAGE

Dark MC Romance


Book 4 of the OUTLAW series

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January 2013 ****

Another fast-paced biker fic from Karina. Gem escapes a nightmare existence as a member of the Hawks, only to be lured back into the violent lifestyle by another biker group, the road racing Rage. Proving herself a valuable asset as a winning racer, Gem believes she has finally found a ‘safe’ way to live a wild, exciting lifestyle she secretly craves. Hoping the Rage will fill an arcane need for acceptance and respect, she discovers, too late, the darker side of the group, and finds herself once again ensnared by the Hawks. Only her courage and love for the Rage member, Doc, will see her through the ordeal.

 January 2013 *****

The story in this book draws you in, entwining you with the characters as each page is read. It is detailed and colorfully twisted to keep you on the edge of your seat. You really feel the pain of the main character and it envelopes you with emotion, as you hang on every last word. I enjoyed this book very much and recommend it to everyone looking for an exciting story…looking forward to reading many more.

January 2014 ****

This book is an easy read, we’ll paced throughout. I enjoyed getting to know the characters. Any one who like motorcycles will get great pleasure out of this book. A look into the world of biker gangs along the line of, “Sons of Anarchy”.

February 2017 *****

This isn’t my kind of story, but it story is good. I would recommend this book if your looking for a nice face pace and suspenseful story to read while your waiting around or have time on your hands. I would suggest that you read and judge for yourself. Even thou it wasn’t my kind of book I wouldn’t mind reading more of the series just because I don’t like not finishing something I started.

February 2017 *****

this is my first book by this author and i have to say iam very impressed.. the characters flowed and the story didnt stutter it was action packed and i loved watching the characters grow and mature .. ill definitely look into reading more from Ms.Kantas

February 2017 *****

This is the first book of Karina’s I have read, but it won’t be the last.
This book has it all Fast Bikes, Danger, live and betrayal. All wrapped inside a well written novel.
I love how the author takes us along for the ride with just a teaser of the fast paced lifestyle of the outlaw MC clubs.
Cannot wait to read more from this Author

February 2017 *****

The MC genre is my favorite and Karina Kantas definitely did not disappoint me! The well written storyline and the well developed characters just drew me in from the very beginning until I turned the very last page. I loved how Gem and Doc’s relationship developed over time since I was rooting for them from the first time Doc was introduced into the story!

February 2017 ****

My first book by this author but definitely NOT my last! You’ve got the whole shebang – bike racing, hot guys, Outlaw MCs – and a female character that has gone through enough stuff in her before to not want anything to do with them again.
I liked Gem’s character – she was strong, feisty, and made no apologies for her past, choosing instead to change her environment. When she gets involved with Rage, a racing MC, she finds the respect that she has craved. The question is, will she be able to live happily ever after or will her past come back and haunt her?

February 2017 *****

If you love MC books you’ll fall in love with this one, the characters, the story line and you won’t want to put this book down. Absolutely loved it.

February 2017 *****
Good read. Different kind of MC read then most but still good.

February 2017 *****

This is my first time reading Karina Kantas, and I was not disappointed, this is a fast paced well written book. The world of powerful racing machines, MC gangs, violence and love, it has it all. Some may find some of the aggression towards the female character a bit hard to take, but if you get passed that you will find it goes with the story.
I really enjoyed this read, and will delve into her other writings, and further the series.

February 2017 *****

My first book by Karina Kantas.
She had been through a lot with the biker gang Hawks. But she was no longer with them an joined Rage. She is strong in so many ways.

May 2017 *****

This is the best MC book I have read of Karina Kantas’s so far. It is about Gem and all the trials and tribulations she goes through during her life of living in and out of motorcycle gangs. I don’t want to ruin the story for you so I’m not going to go into details about Gem’s life. Suffice it to day she is one hard core lady with a sweet heart hidden inside. This book contains all the essentials of an MC story. Karina does a great job with the violence , motorcycle racing, and most important an awesome love story. Like all Karina’s other MC books they are very realistic and true to life. This is a very exciting read and hard to put down. I hope Karina continues with more of the MC books. These are awesome. You should get all of them and prepare for a good , realistic ride.


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