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With regards to what has been going on over at Zon (Amazon) I thought it was a good idea to post the book reviews from my books, here on the website.

 Epic fantasy/romance



February 2019 ****

This was a different type of story. The author completely made up a language and a whole new world. That’s pretty cool. Becky is just living her life. But one day she’s rescued and brought back to her home planet. Of course she thinks she’s just dreaming. But spoiler she’s not! When she was rescued she was on the brink of death but do to powers she don’t understand she’s saved. Let me stop before I ruin the book. Overall I liked it! It was definitely a different type of fantasy then I’m use to.


February 2019 *****

Becky was taken from her current life and taken to a distant land. There she was told that her name was Thya and she was a princess. It took quite some time for her to believe this, but with the help of the handsome Alkazsar, she finally did. Her new country was under continual threat from a feared warlord. What will happen to Alkazar? Will their love be allowed? Great story and cannot wait to read the next one.

December 2018 ****

This was a first book I read from this author and I enjoyed it tremendously and would love to read more from this author


September 2018 *****

Illusional Reality by Karina Kantas is an unusual story featuring Becky/Thya who learns that she is the heir of Tsinia. According to an oracle prophecy, she is the one supposed to save her people from slavery and domination by Darthon, the Warlord of Senx.
The Author has used her creative fantasy to introduce a unique and original plot that has been carefully thought out. The story is set in an interesting alternate reality in a world that has unique magical elements.
This is a story of espionage, treachery, suspense, love, sacrifice, hope, courage and so much more.
Very well written, grammatically correct with a smooth and free flowing writing style, this unusual storyline, has an enchanting world for the reader to discover and is guaranteed to keep him/her captured until the very end.
All the characters, the good and not so good are well thought out, well defined and well developed.
There are good detailed descriptions to scenes so realistic that they are easily envisioned by the reader.
Exciting and different, I enjoyed reading the book. Recommended.


March 2018 *****

The pace was fluid with each character fully-developed, flawed and some with exceptional supernatural talents. This story had me on the very edge of my seat with each turn of the page. Ms. Kantas creates such a Wonderful World of passion, unique verbiage, and curious creatures that reside in the fantasy land of Tsinia.

Darling Reader, I Never reveal ANY spoilers in my reviews as I wish for you to discover the joys of each Special Story for yourself. I warmly recommend you purchase this book for your home library.


February 2018 *****

This author had created a wondrous world, and her descriptions put you right in the middle of it. The characters are complex and intriguing, some you will love, some you will love to hate. I loved this book and I believe you will too.


January 2018 *****

A really pleasant fast read, more sci fi fantasy then anything, not always my favorite genre, but I can say I really liked this story and the setting and characters.

December 2017 ****

This book was a very interesting read. It is a fantasy fiction YA novel that provides a bit more on the romance side. The main character Becky is transported to a new place where she is deemed to rule. In the beginning she thinks she is dreaming. I liked the romance and the action but I wanted to know more about the unique power that Becky possesses. I also wanted to know more about the people and their unique powers. Why is she so strong and why aren’t their others like her.
The novel is well written and I would recommend it to others who like a contemporary fantasy YA novel.

November 2017 ****

This book was quite surprising in its creativity. The author gave life to a new dimension. This with their people and their wars, their peculiar speech patterns and clothing, and their views, ways, and laws.

Though sometimes the speech was a bit strange, it was entirely understandable, and it gave a bit of character to the story. All in all, it was a pleasant read once I got through all the introductions and descriptions.

November *****

Although this book can be a but confusing at time it was a great read! I do wonder if this is the end as it could have another book or more to it. May there be??

November 2017 ****

A fantastical romance in another dimension!
Illusional Reality is the first book I have read by Karina Kantas and what a wonderful book to start my journey with a new author!
Becky is pulled from our world when her life is in peril. Only to learn that she is Princess Thya of Tsania and her people are under siege by the evil warlord of the Senx.
She must come to terms with who she is in a short amount of time, learn the customs and ultimately save her people.
She falls into a forbidden love and her life will never be the same.
I really enjoyed this story. Outstanding world building. Magic and mayhem. Strange creatures, speech and dress.
And what a cliffhanger ending!!!!
I literally screamed…. “Noooooooooooo”

July ****

I enjoyed reading of this alternate reality from the beginning, however felt a let down at the end. Was this the end or just the beginning of the story?
What was this connection that overtook her? Why now? Would it return or were the 2 occurrences that lead to 2 deserved ends the end of the connection?
Would her people need her again, so that she would need to return? Or was this all a dream?
Many questions remain as the final words were read, which I hope will be answered soon.

July *****

 If you can imagine a unique fairytale for adults, then you have a pretty good idea about what’s in store for you in Illusional Reality.
Before I go any further into the review, let me assure you that the romance described in the blurb is quite clean; clean enough for a teenager to read, but the plot and dialogue are definitely not what you’d find in a YA novel.

There are some elements that really make this fantasy stand out from the rest in this genre:

First, Kantas has crafted a language for this alternate, utopian world; it’s English but it comes across as English translated from a different language because of how the dialogue is structured. Not only did I find it interesting, but I found it refreshing because I wasn’t stuck trying to figure out how to pronounce the words.

Second, Kantas balanced the magic and whimsey in the book with dark political intrigue. I thought it made her alternate world realistic and more appealing to different audiences.

Third, the society Kantas created is different than other alternate reality fantasies I’ve read before. Many of the different fantasy novels I’ve read in the past regarding utopian alternate realities generally have a well-established group of rebels who challenge the existing system. In the case of this book, the protagonist is the one who shakes things up by questioning the system; one that she, as the heir, is supposed to uphold.

Finally, how Kantas chose to write the romance is unique. I got the impression that the romance between the protagonist and her tutor was hot and heavy; however, it was only an impression because Kantas didn’t share the intimate details of the love scenes.

If you enjoy spin-offs of the Disney fairytales in which everything isn’t black and white, or good and bad, I think you’ll enjoy this book. I know I did, and I hope Kantas plans on writing a sequel for Illusional Reality because I’ll definitely read it!

July ****

The characters were pretty well developed and the plot pulled together nicely. An ordinary young modern day business woman is pulled into an alternate reality where she is no longer an ordinary citizen. This fantasy clearly delineated good and evil. With a mild mannered people to represent a good, peace-loving people in need of a strong ruler. Evil portrayed by a dictatorial monarchy intent upon world conquest. Magic plays a essential role in the battle between good and evil in this story. By the conclusion of this adventure there is an unknown evil that afflicts the heroine. But this hint of what is to come will have to wait for another story taking place in this world. I have my suspicions as to it’s source.

May 2017 ****

Illusional reality is a good story which unlike many kindle books was proof read. The book caught my interest from the start and held it to the end. The story doesn’t completely end with the book and there’s no mention of a follow up book. The structure of the writing, while intentional, makes the book difficult to read until you get used to it.

 April 2017 *****

This is such a great book. The characters are vivid and the world is very believable. I was also able to pick up on some subtext about how women are treated in society. So there is this whole other layer of how women in certain parts of the world are denied rights. There are twists, that is all I will say as I will not give spoilers.
Overall, The flow is good. The story idea is great. The Story arc is good. The speed of the read, well here I recommend that you take it slow. I love to speed through books but this one I took slow. I wanted to savor it as the story is that good.

March  *****

What a marvelous book, Becky was my favorite character ,so sassy . It’s a dream world you want to live in,five magical stars

March ****

Although this isn’t the kind of book I often read, I fell in love with Becky straight away for me she was a well-rounded character that hooks the reader’s attention straight away. The journey this character takes is unique in its own right if i was in the movie bizz, this would be one I’d option in a heart beat!
On the flip side of the good and evil mix I did near the end feel a bit of a soft spot for the books villain and would have loved to get to grips with his backstory alittle more and see how it led up to the events of this book.
All in All a surprising read WELL DONE,

March ****

Ilusional Reality may not be the kind of paranormal book you are used to reading. However you are sure to Find a beautiful princess and a touching love story. The enchanted land of Tsinia, the powers of its people and the struggle to win over evil bring the book the sweetness of fairy tales.The vocabulary needs a little time for the enchanted landers also have a special way of speaking. Despite of that the story flows with a good pace once you get used to it. Some moments are sad and others are happy but it’s the end that surprises the most.

March *****

What a delightfully touching love story! Our author entwined our world with a fantasy one with action, magic and of course, love.

 March 2017 *****

Love it!

February 2017 ****

From the very first paragraph I was totally into this book. We meet Becky, whose life is in danger and then she is whisked away to another world where her name is Princess Thya. We learn about a whole new world, about magical powers, Thya’s family history…oh and there is romance too. Looking forward to where the author will take us with the next book in this series.

January 2017 *****

I read during my commute, so I get 20-40 minute snatches of time, and that’s it. Having a book that is easy to read – and keep up with, is very important.

With most books, you have to back up a page or two. That is something I NEVER had to do with this one! It is well written and captures the imagination, guiding you into the new land and language with such easy grace that you hardly are aware of it.

Great read; great book!

December 2016 *****

Karina Kantas’s Illusional Reality is so much more than its initial premise. It begins in somewhat typical fantasy style with an “ordinary” young girl being transported to a mystical world where she is in reality, a princess.

But with powerful character and plot development Kantas takes us alongside our young heroine every step of the way in a story that can be read on several levels. This is achieved through evocative description, narrative which explains how this magical land of Tsinia ticks – and dialogue which is not only realistic, but skilfully used to carry the story forward.

A heady mix of dark danger, warfare and romance sees us reach the end of the story all too quickly, and we can but hope that Karina Kantas will bring our heroine back to Tsinia before long.

December 2016 *****    SPOILER

Becky is doing fine as a human in the human world. She has a nice apartment and a good job. She is satisfied with how things are going for her. When a taxi driver throws her out of his cab Becky finds herself alone at night in a neighborhood she doesn’t know. Rescued by a stranger Becky is taken to another realm, Tsinia. In Tsinia she is not Becky but Thya, the rightful heir to the throne. Thya has no time to easily adjust to her new life since she is promised to marry Kovon, the son of a warlord from a nearby land called Senx.


Kovon is a cruel man who has the blood from Thya’s parents on his hands. Thya is not willing to marry him, but does she have another choice? The people in Tsinia live in peace and only defend themselves when they have to. Some have special abilities which they will use in battle if they are attacked. Thya is trained by Alkazar. He teaches the new generation of Tsinians how to use their gifts. It turns out that Thya is incredibly powerful and has many abilities that need to be accessed and trained. While being trained she is looking for another way to ensure peace between Tsinia and Senx than marrying Kovon, a man she despises.

Alkazar is a wise and patient man who is instantly drawn to Thya. He can’t do anything with his feelings and desires since he is betrothed to Siren. Every person in Tsinia is promised to someone at a young age. They aren’t allowed to love whomever they choose, but what if their heart wants them to be with another person than the one they’re promised to? Alkazar is wonderfully charming and I liked the way he interacts with Thya. He’s also loyal and will fulfill his duty even if it breaks his own heart. Thya is a strong-minded person. She takes her duties seriously and works hard to develop her abilities. She is a quick thinker and is not afraid to go to battle by herself if that is necessary to keep Tsinia safe.

Karina Kantas has created a beautiful magical realm. Tsinia sounds like an amazing place to live. The vivid descriptions of how the town has been built and how the people interact with each other together with the language that’s being spoken fired my imagination. I could imagine Thya’s life there without any difficulties. She is a person I immediately connected with. She is a great main character and she kept surprising me. Because of all these positive features Illusional Reality drew me in and kept me hooked until the very last lines. I love it when a writer can do that. It is a story full of adventure, magic, love, betrayal and jealousy. This enchanting world mesmerized me and I really enjoyed reading this amazing story.

October 2016 ****

An interesting read that captured my attention.
Kantas’ descriptions gives the reader the ability to create a vision of her mythical world, pulling you into the story.
The main characters were suitably developed, meaning the reader was able to form a bond with them as the story progressed.
A pleasant story with all the right emotions.

August  2016 *****

This was very different then my average paranormal read, but that is why I love it. The dialogue is incredibly proper and I enjoyed the consistance of it. It is well written tale and I believe it is of good quality clean YA read and rate this book 5 stars.

August 2016 *****

I absolutely loved reading this book. It is unlike any other i have ever read and i was instantly drawn into the world of this book from the very start. The main character Becky gets stalked, injured and then finds herself in another reality and is known by the people in this new reality as a woman named Thya. She is not just any woman to these people. To them she is their queen and their savior and so Becky/Thya finds herself battling in a war using newly acquired powers that she never knew she possessed to bring this new world called Tsinia peace and harmony and so she battles against Kovon a Senx warlord. She doesn’t really want to be a part of Tsinia but finds herself making sacrifices and becomes attached to the people of this world and wants to do right by them and ultimately finds herself falling in love with Alkazar. This love is forbidden as he belongs to someone else but their love is meant to be. I absolutely loved these two characters and was rooting for them and their forbidden love from the start. I don’t want to spoil anything but the ending of the story is amazing. I would highly recommend that people read this book as its definitely a work of great masterpiece and you will not be disappointed.

July  2016 *****

 Illusional Reality is a relatively quick read that packs a surprising amount of action into a not overly lengthy book. It is more a fantasy/adventure than a romance although there are fun romantic interludes throughout the book and an underlying romantic storyline as well. It is quick-moving and the various peoples are well-described. Magic, war, and love all combine to make an interesting and pleasant read.

 June 2016     *****

 This is a unique story filled with intrigue, deception and danger. As you read along so much unfolds
Becky has removed from her tranquil existence and finds herself in a magical world. As the story unfolds, Becky truly believes she is dreaming vividly.
I don’t always enjoy fantasy but this story is well written and full of twists. You are able to visualize Becky’s surroundings and will be in awe as she is.
As the story progresses you learn how strong Becky is and how vocal she is about wrong doings. She truly comes to have feelings for these people until her happiness is stolen from her.
I definitely didn’t see the twists coming and am looking forward to the next book~

June 2016   *****

Karina Kantas does an exceptional job with Illusional Reality from start to finish. The action never stops. Karina brings to life the fictional world of Tsinia in such a way that you almost believe it is real. All of the characters are fully fleshed out and very interesting. Thya, or Becky, is the princess of this magical world and faces many trial and tribulations. She passes them with flying colors. She is a bold and strong female character, not afraid to stand up for what she believes, even if it means she loses her life. The ending was a big surprise. You don’t want to let this one get away. I sure hope Karina has another one planned!! A must read!!

April 2016 *****

Mrs. Kantas does a wonderful job with this story..she delivers it in such a way as to leave the reader wanting more. She never misses a beat in her story telling. well developed Characters, interesting subject. A must read!


This is not your usual fantasy and I found myself drawn into the beautifully written story. You become a part of this new world and find yourself pulling for the heroine who is trying to save her new people. I loved the characters and the vivid descriptions and the end left me wanting the story to continue.

April  2016   *****

This was a very interesting book, we’re taking to a whole other place where Becky learns she is actually Princess Thya of Tsinia and has unique gifts. The story moved along nicely, I did have a few gasps from time to time and enjoyed it from beginning to the very end. Was not expecting the final results at all.

 March 2016  *****

I really enjoyed Illusional Reality. The story of Becky, taken from the only world she knows to a world of magic. Here she meets a variety of interesting characters, some good, some not-so-good. As events unfold, the story is a whirlwind of conflict and emotion, challenging Becky’s character, determination, and desire to return her ‘real’ home. The story is full of twists and turns, unexpected outcomes and promises an entertaining read.

 March 2016 *****

 A woman kidnapped from her assumed reality and taken to a magical land where she is to rule as queen. That was my first impression of Illusional Reality, and I thought, “Cool. Sounds good.” But it was so much more than that. Kantas has painted a beautiful world with relatable, realistic, and well developed characters. As I read the story, I connected with them. Becky, or Thya, as she’s come to be known is just an everyday girl, except she’s not. Kantas doesn’t waste time getting to the action that turns Becky’s world upside down, and I love it. Once in Tsinia, Becky become Thya, a powerful being prophesied to save the tree top dwelling people from the evil warlord Darthorn by marrying his son, Kovon. Though this is what the Tsinia council has advised Thya to do, she’s a strong woman who relies on intuition instead of blindly following orders. As she falls in love with a member of her council, she finds herself taking a stand against Kovon, who is much more dangerous than his father. Magical battles and deadly scenes are peppered throughout the second half of the novel, just as any fantasy should be. As the story comes to the end, the feels get you right where it counts. The battles may be over, but the bittersweet ending leaves my heart spent, and the light at the end of the tunnel is the hope and possibility that Illusional Reality is the first in a series.

March 2016      *****

 An interesting and enjoyable read from Karina Kantas.
This well-written story clipped along at a good and steady pace.
The detailed descriptions let me see the magical land of Tsinia, with it’s tree-top dwellings and it’s friendly and peaceful inhabitants. Senx, the home of her ‘intended’, Kovon and his father, Darthorn, is a much darker and gloomier place.
The main characters are well fleshed out, and Thya/Becky runs through the whole spectrum of emotions, from disbelief to acceptance, anger to peace, and love to heartbreak, and I felt them along with her.
I am hopeful that Illusional Reality is the first book of a series!

 March  2016    *****

When I started reading Illusional Reality, I was instantly sucked in and couldn’t put it down. I absolutely loved the story from start to finish. I could totally see this as a movie like The Hobbit or Lord of The Rings. What a great world the author created! I instantly connected with Thya (Becky) and felt for everything she went through. I respected her resolve to accept her fate. She is a strong and kind woman. The beautiful love story was intense and romantic leaving me wanting for them to work everything out. A great piece of writing and I highly recommend this book!


March 2016    *****

llusional Reality by Karina Kantas is an outstanding read.
Becky is taken from her comfortable existence to Tsinia. Known as Thya, she is told she is to save the magical realm by marrying Kovon, the son of a warlord from Senx, a nearby land. Through encounters with the people of Tsinia, Thya forms her own opinions, despite what ruling members of the council advise. Realizing Tsinia is to light as Senx is to dark, her decisions provide many moments of intrigue as well as danger. Friendships are formed and yes, a possibility for romance.
Illusional Reality is truly an epic. I identified with the characters, loving the facets of their personalities.

March 2016  *****

This was quite a ride…The characters were really fun…The personalities of the characters were well stated throughout the book…Well done… I enjoyed this book…Thanks to the Author for doing what you do for yourself and us readers…It’s definitely appreciated…I definitely tried to put the book down it felt like it was glued to my hand…it was just like a morning cup of coffee good to the last drop.

September 2016 ****

 Oh my, what a world Karina has designed here.
She has created her own planet, inhabitants, speech, dress, all unique and vivid.
Karina sets up some great and compelling characters. Thya, alkazar, Omad, kazer, kovon, siren are all intriguing for their own reasons. We love them, we hate them. I’ll let you make your own opinions.
This truly is a fantastical world with magical gifts, a reluctant princess, an angry warlord and oracles, and contains lots of espionage, treachery, suspense with a bit of romance thrown in.
I love it when a book doesn’t spoon feed the story to you and rather lets you discover things progressively and with an ending like this one, fair warning guys, “Cliffhanger ahead”.
I really enjoyed this unique and interesting story and I’m sure you will as well.

 August  2016 ****

 Grabbed me in the first chapter! Though this started out as your typical, “Oh by the way, you are unique and have to save our people” fantasy, it quickly became a more interesting tale. Thya discovers her true identity and though she tries to take it all in stride, it’s obviously still really hard for her to let go of her life on Earth.
Though the Tsinians strike me as pretty naive (They have been constantly attacked by their enemy for decades and all of a sudden decide he is trustworthy? Really?) Thya isn’t and doesn’t play around when it comes to people she doesn’t trust. She basically tells the guy who killed her parents, and now wants to marry her as part of a piece treaty, to stick it where the sun doesn’t shine. We see her character grow stronger of mind and more confident as the story progresses.
Full of action, a budding romance, betrayal, and some really cool yet terrifying magic, Illusional Reality was a fun read that I just had to finish in one sitting.


 October 2016    ****

 Once in a while, we find books that take you away from the real world, and into places–lands, continents– you couldn’t begin to describe. Well, this is my first time reading Karina’s work, and I have to say the way this story was narrated, I travelled to another galaxy. I love when books do that, and Karina went above and beyond that! If you are a fan of adventure, romance, and fantasy, this is your book. I honestly could not stop reading! AMAZING!


 October 2016  *****

This unique magical world took my breath away in the very beginning and I couldn’t put the book aside until the last page.
Becky thinks she is an ordinary human being, an adopted child, when she suddenly wakes up in a fae realm called Tsinia. Not only she is one of those who possess extraordinary powers; she is the princess with the most outstanding gifts of power, destined to be the savior and defender of the land. Though offered to take the reign, she refuses to accept the crown repeatedly, only wishing to aid her kinsmen and protect the land. Becoming familiar with her former homeland, princess Thya falls in love with her tutor, Alkazar. Although they are destined to be together once, the time has not come yet and her victory over evil forces carries a bitter flavor.
Humble and noble characters full of emotions and temper drive the story forward, leaving the reader breathless in anticipation of their future actions and life situations they must endure. I loved Thya’s warm heart and awareness of her duties and rights and admire her for the strong will she uses to guide the others and helps her surroundings. Her determination to fight for her love followed by the failure still causes ache in my heart. Alkazar is loyal, faithful and just, charming and likeable character who is bound between duty and desire.
I am still awed by the imaginative and spellbinding world the story is set into. Experiencing the world on my own would be an amazing sensation. I hope many will discover this book and enjoy the tale at least as I did.










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