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Genre 2

For The Love Of Horror by Franny Marie

What is it that I LOVE about writing Horror?

 Wow, I guess you could say that it’s unlimited!

Almost as if there is no wrong way into writing a Horror story. You can turn the most sweetest little girl into a psychopath serial killer in a split second! And in the Horror world that is consider the most terrifying thing, can you just imagine a sweet child turning into like the next chucky doll? No? I can >:)

As I said before there is no limit to writing a Horror story, Gore, Death, Ghost and Demons are just a few of the most classic Horror movies and/or stories that have been done!

One of my favorites movies is the Final Destination Movies, all of those movies focus on Death, how brutal and painful death can be and everywhere you go there is a chance to getting killed in a freak accident, car accidents, plane crashes, roller coasters, fires and so much more that if I keep listing it, this article would be 10 pages long, but you and I both know there isn’t much time in the day to even think of all the ways Death comes. Every day is a risk, but you never think of  “I’m going to die today” right? And if you do, no worries, but those thoughts do hold you back from reaching your full potential in life.

Now, another one of my favorite movie series, is of course, SAW. Those movies surround how far would you go to save your own life or your family? It’s based on how much pain the human body can take, Vengeance and ultimately, a brutal death… and one person who sets it all up… A sadistic Serial Killer named Jigsaw.

I love how he makes his victims think and give them a time frame of what decision they make. This movie and many other has inspired me to write Horror even though I’m early in the game, but thus far, I love writing Horror, I feel like it’s one of my strengths. There is no wrong way to writing a Horror story and no one can tell you how to do it, only you can.

Here is an Mini Excerpt of my Horror piece Camp Nightmare….

The large man stands over Shayla and her bother as he picks up the ax where it landed on the ground. He once again lifts his weapon up over his head and smashes it on the back of Shayla’s head that was an easy target leaning over Shawn’s body. Before she can let out another scream or try to escape, he cuts through the back of her head, slicing it in half like a rack of ham. Her brains and blood ooze out onto the ground beneath her as her body falls next to her brother’s. The large man takes his blood covered ax and continues to follow for the last two teens…

Like what you saw here? You’re in luck, I’m giving away a few Ecopies of my Short Story Camp Nightmare all you have to do is comment what your favorite Horror movie is and leave your Email 🙂 I’ll choose a winner on April 10th 🙂


About Franny Marie 16711810_10208223880254760_1584726768143403029_n

Franny Marie is a Caregiver and a mommy of 2 Cocker Spaniels.
Author of the Initiation Novella Trilogy.
She loves to write, spend time on social media, hang out family and has an obsession with The Weekend.
Her main genres include writing Mystery Thriller, Suspense and Horror works.

She is also appearing this weekend in the B2BCyCon Book Expo, Blog Hop, and Cover Wars


Hello. My name is Karina Kantas I am an author of eight books, a freelance writer, a promotional and marketing manager, a book trailer designer, a VA and a narrator.

Every day more authors appear eager to publish their book. Some just have a story to tell and need to get it out. Others dream of being a best-selling author. Then there are those that just write. They can’t sleep because of the ideas in their heads and the characters won’t stop talking. But the thing that they all have in common is that each and every author wants people to buy and read their book. And no matter what you hear, everyone is competing to get the sales and reviews.

The problem with promoting on social media is that everyone is following the herd. Maybe their teaser or banner will cause someone to click on the link and take a better look… maybe not.

Now narration isn’t anything new. Authors audition and hire narrators for their audio books all the time. Even so, this form of media needs to be utilized more.
Readers like watching trailers and some prefer listening to audio books than reading a paperback. So I thought why not combine the two.

I have been narrating excerpts from my books in audio and video for over two years. I had such a great response that I thought it was a perfect promotional tool for authors to use. Instead of watching a trailer or reading a teaser, they get to listen and watch the author’s book come alive.
I only narrate a small excerpt as it’s easy to lose the viewers’ attention if it goes on too long. Five minutes seems to be the preferred length for an excerpt narration.
Once the recording has been done, the author receives a MP3 OR MP4 file to use wherever they like such as Amazon, FB page, their blog or website. The author can then use the file for interviews, blog features, etc.

This is an affordable new way for authors to promote their book/s and stand out among the sea of talent. Doesn’t your book deserve that?

You can email me at karina.kantas@yahoo.com or

send me a PM on my FB page and we can discuss this more. https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100010977245139




Making Changes

By Ian Williams

I squeeze the door handle as I gather the confidence to enter the room beyond. The metal feels cold and damp in my tight grip. It reminds me to breathe calmly, to allow my lungs the chance to find a rhythm before I go on. Only once the sweat has evaporated away can I then push through the door and face what awaits me.

Even though I would rather turn and run, or lock the door entirely, never to be opened again, I breathe deeply one more time and then enter anyway. And, as expected, it’s sitting there waiting for me, its face drawn down into a look of solemnity. It knows what’s coming. It’s a look that halts me in place as I stare at anything but what I’ve come to speak to.

I keep my focus dancing around the periphery of the room for a short while. It knows I’m nervous, sees it written so obviously across my face – now covered in beads of sweat again. For the short few seconds it takes me to find my seat and pull it out ready to plant myself in, I’ve already failed in setting the tone of this meeting.

Once seated I gently place my notepad down on the desk and neatly position my pen on the right of it, perfectly in line with the paper’s edge. I know this is a sign of my nerves, I know it would be seen as a weakening of my resolve too, but I do it anyway; some things are out of my control.

After clearing my throat I’m ready to begin. Although, the first glimpse of those pleading features, those puppy-dog eyes that I imagine in my head alone, have me swallowing hard. Something about the way it stays silent, watching my every move from a short distance away without uttering a single word, makes me shudder. I rub my hands together quickly to create some body heat before I begin.

It’s a little nippy in here, better turn on the heater fan, I tell myself. But the second I reach for the on switch of the tower fan to my left, I hear a voice.

“You always did feel the cold more than most,” it says.

“Don’t do that.” I finally face the screen and say this.

A pleasant rush of warm air buffets my trouser legs while I sit and go through my notes. Within a short while the room feels much more comfortable. Of course the extra heat now serves me up an unwanted dampness to my fingers again.

“Don’t do what?” I hear in reply.

I keep my eyes focused on the scribbled words on the page in front of me as I answer. “Don’t talk to me as If nothing is wrong.”

“But nothing is wrong. This is all just a misunderstanding, that’s all.”

My eyes are drawn to the blank spaces between the lines of notes, to where no meaning resides. It feels easier to remain hidden in this place than to speak the words I’ve been avoiding for the past few days. Yet it has to be done.

“Do you remember when we first started out?” It asks me, again trying to push the conversation in the other direction. When I ignore the question in favour of my mess of paperwork it continues unabated. “We were so excited, so happy to be exploring something new. You would drink your tea as the ideas flowed and then blast them across the page in a blaze of glorious finger taps. It was so easy to become lost in that world. We could have that again, you and I.”

“No,” I snap. In frustration I run my pen roughly across a line of my notes, trying my best to remove the words from existence. “We can’t have that again. It’s too late now.”

“But why? Come on,” it says in its most friendly sounding voice so far. “I can change, become what you want. You can’t just give up on us like this.”

“I wish it could be different, I really do.” I place my pen in a neat line with my notepad; asymmetry is something I dislike. “I’ve thought it through. In fact, I’ve been feeling this way for a while now. But the problem is, you just don’t fit in anymore. I can’t do anything else to help you. I’ve already done more than I should have.”

“So, what, that’s it? You’re giving up on me, after all the good times we had together?” I imagine it is trying desperately to hold back tears as I deliver the bad news.

“You had your chance to conform and you refused to do it.” Despite the harsh tone of my words I am out of control internally. Part of me wants to give it another go, maybe even ignore the problems altogether, but I can’t. If I change my mind at this point, then I might as well give up on the entire project. No, I have to do it, I have no choice.

“What are you doing?” it asks, suddenly more animated than before. The reaction tells me it doubted my words. Now that my intentions were becoming clear it was panicking.

“I’m sorry, this is the only way.” My hand reaches for the keyboard a few inches from me.

“Please, you can’t do this. What if you need me again later? You might. You never know what could happen to the rest of the project without me.”

My finger nears the soft plastic keys, travelling slowly against a torrent of self-loathing and insecurity, on to the one button I need. The pleas are now like a hammer being swung into my skull. It hurts a little more the closer I get to the Delete key.

“No, don’t do this!” I imagine it yelling at me through the screen. “Don’t you dare highlight those words.”

There’s nothing I can do for it now. My mind is made up. I tell myself it will all be all right, just as soon as I have the entire chapter selected and ready to clear from the page. But it begs me not to. It begs me to give it one more chance.

“I’m sorry,” I finally say as the weight of my finger presses down upon the Delete key and the white of a crisp clean page returns to greet me.

I fall back into my chair, feel the warmth of the fan heater against my skin, and close my eyes. Then I type two words across the top of the page: Chapter 4. It feels good to be rid of that problem finally. I tell myself not to fall for the tricks of a chapter in my book that won’t do as it’s told in the future. But I know I will again, one day.

Now, back to editing.




The Sentient Collector…

The sentient Mimic

The sentient corruption.


WINNER of 2016 Flash Fiction Contest

© Indra Adrian Jonklass  2016

The wax dripping on the raw flesh of my forearm as I sterilized the blade of my hunting knife made me wince. It would be nothing compared to the pain to come.
As I lay on the table in the middle of our ramshackle hut, I looked over at my unconscious daughter on the cot next to me. A shadow passed over her face. The bulb hanging from the thatched roof dimmed before flickering back to life.
I need to hurry. The battery will last a half hour at best.
“I will not lose her,” I resolved. We have already lost so much during this damned war.
For the first time since The Rising, I am truly despondent that we cannot win.
The robots have learned deception.
It was a mine shaped as a starfruit that had done this to my darling, Bettina. The shrapnel had destroyed her arm and shredded her right kidney. We had gone foraging for our food in the morning. It was just lying there under a tree. Bettina had picked it up before I could shout a warning: starfruit were out of season.
As a prominent agrobiologist, I had been hidden away on the tiny Micronesian island of Yap. If we won the war against the AI, the blighted earth would need to be nurtured for a generation. Developing hardy plants that could grow in the contaminated soils would be the only way we would survive.
The tip of the blackened blade glowed red. It was ready.
I put the rag in my mouth. I mustn’t scream. I couldn’t be sure if it had been an air bombardment or whether a robot party had been sent looking for me. I was an expert on angiosperms, and the mine was shaped like a fruit. Machines did not do coincidence.
I looked at Bettina again. She was so curious, just like her mother. She had lost a lot of blood but with a new kidney, she might survive. I had to take the chance.
Our children are the future.
I steeled myself.
There was still a chance. If the robots had learned deception from us maybe their machine minds had absorbed the worst of our human nature: pride and envy. If so, they would inevitably turn on themselves, and we had to be ready.
I bit down on the rag and plunged the knife into my side.






Pirate or Not   by Claire Plaisted          13556088_10154943304438448_1190893547_o

Accusations are easy to toss at someone and can rapidly turn into an opinionated argument or even get violent, be it with words you can’t take back or in person with a shouting match.  Most of the words are out of an intense desire to be right or be the, know it all even when they are wrong.

Apparently I’m a pirate.  Why?  Because I didn’t pay for my photos, I didn’t credit or link the photos to where I got them from.  Well I nearly blew.  I ranted to a friend, calmed and cooled down and thought about it.  Therefore a pirate I am.

I can’t imagine myself with an eye patch, a hook on my arm, nor a parrot on my shoulder.  I mean seriously.  Little old me a PIRATE. NAH.  Yes I realise we all make mistakes at times, however, even when I do and if they are pointed out to me, then I will deal with it straight away. Like everyone else I dislike making mistakes.  However, I won’t bite and cause an argument. I will, after much thought either pounce and respond to a comment, or I will delete the comment and get on with fixing a mistake.  Don’t call me a Pirate just because that is what my blog was about.  Don’t call me a pirate if I make a mistake, mention it to me so I can rectify it.  Don’t call me a Pirate unless you have done your research and can bloody well prove I stole something intentionally to use to my advantage and give away to other people.  I look after people, I help them, I teach them.  JUST DON’T

The photos in question were FREE from PIXABAY and from my husband’s cell phone camera.  ON PIXABAY you don’t have to credit anyone unless you wish to. Sometimes I do, sometimes I don’t.  As for my darling husband – Well he gave me the photo to use.

If PIXABAY doesn’t have a photo then I use google images.  Now this is where you have to be careful.  Once you have the images on your computer, look up to just about the images and click on SEARCH TOOLS. This drops down a new level.  Look for USAGE RIGHTS, click on this and it will open a box.  Tick the one saying LABELLED FOR REUSE.  Google will refresh the age and you can then chose any of the images without any copyright infringement. 


The Voice of One

by Victoria H. Loren

The auditorium was packed with a noisy crowd anxiously waiting for the program to begin. Laughter erupted from a group of spectators who were entertained by a theatrical improv performance of several young adults seated on the second row. One podium stand centered on stage held several mounted microphones. The cordless microphone lay on a shelf for speakers who needed more freedom to engage with the audience. Motivational speakers usually held the interest of the audience and today’s event was no exception. The soft footsteps upon the wooden floor of the little girl hushed the crowd. She stopped beside the podium pausing long enough to pick up the cordless mic. Bright eyes looked out into the crowd. Her hands trembled, as she held the microphone in front of her lips. The courage of this small child had captivated everyone. She spoke only two words, “One voice.” The power of those two words had a profound impact on the audience. The thunderous chant of the words “one voice” was deafening. Of course, the program continued, but the image of the little girl and the vision she shared with the world never faded. One voice can make a difference, your voice.

I am Victoria H. Loren author of the Legacy of Trust Trilogy. The accomplishment of being a published author is one that I am extremely proud and yet, I am also humbled. The journey is one that unifies fellow authors, artists, friends, and family. I am blessed and thankful for the support of such people in my life. Reading and writing have always been a passion for me. I remember the first time I walked into a public library as a child, I was inspired by the tall, stacks of countless books. I’ll never forget touching the books; the smell of the pages, being spellbound by the colorful photos and stories that had the power to transform the world. The gift I received from the author’s work was one that has remained with me to this day. I never dreamed it would be possible for me to become a published author. After the death of my father, writing provided a means for me to find a new direction in my life. While writing truly is my passion, during this period of my life, it became a spiritual healing for me. The emotion of such a great loss empowered a greater feeling of love and peace. I am extremely proud of the completion and publication of Blind Trust, book one of the Legacy of Trust Trilogy. The treasured manuscript was written over ten years ago, and through the support of my family and friends; I found the courage to seek publication.

After the shock and excitement of my first novel being available to the world, the real work began. Marketing is an effort that can be successful and even fun with a little teamwork. True, this can be a terrifying step with the vast choices of marketing available. The odds that a novel could hit the best sellers list instantly are not exactly favorable, but not impossible for some. Realistically it takes hard work to promote the visibility of your book. Social media can be an instrumental tool to promote your work through multiple platforms. Inspiration comes in many forms, don’t be afraid to experiment with different types of marketing to find what works for you. I believe, each author brings diverse views, standards and qualities to their work, and can promote with heartfelt conviction. I will always work hard to improve and continually strive to learn and grow as a writer. My writing reflects an artistic, poetic style and balances a realistic view with fantasy. The dark undertone interlaced with a little romance is a powerful mix and totally unpredictable. Life provides countless visions and inspirations. I see the world through the eyes of an artist, and love to give the images a voice.

My hope and dream in life are to inspire others. I believe we all have a voice and that just one voice can make a difference.

Profiles for Victoria H. Loren





Victoria H. Loren Amazon author page














By Paul White taken from his Blog, ‘Ramblings from a writer’s mind’


I sit back, sighing heavily. The writing is going well; but I need to take a break from this particular work. So I fill a large mug full of hot black coffee…..the preferred drug of most writers…..and sit back down, allowing my thoughts to scramble over the untidy mound of scrappy ideas that need to be sorted into some cohesive order.

Problem is that, as I sip the scalding liquid, my thoughts leave the junkyard of unformulated notes and come here, the rambling parkland of gibberish and spill over this page in an uncontrollable splash of ink.

Rather like the drips from the base of my coffee cup.

I know that I should be focusing all my attention towards the new novel, or the collection of short stories, or the book(s) of poetry. That is what I set aside these current hours to do. That was my sole intent today. So in some respect I feel guilty that I am not writing content for any of those projects.

However, I am also aware that in the shadowy recesses, in those dark corners of my mind where I have little, if any control, the cogs of intuition, of creativity, of inventiveness and imagination are whirling away without any conscious effort on my part.

I know they will, or at least I hope they will, rearrange that untidy pile of random thoughts, those initial ideas and concepts, into an organised and comprehensive inventory of clarified sketches which will then be ready for me to utilise.

This is one of the reasons I write, such as this article you are reading now, (and drink copious amounts of coffee, late into the night and often into the early hours of the following day)…

A few years ago I was given a very good piece of advice by a successful writer; “Whatever you do” He said, “Just write. Write anything that comes into your head. Do not think about it too much. You can always re-write it, change it, even scrap it another time. But when you sit down to write do exactly that, write, write anything because what matters is not the first few words that you put down, but the creative juices that they cause to dribble down your thighs of creativity’.

I have followed his advice ever since, hence this rambling and hence have found the cure for the condition that afflicts many, writers block.

Have a good, creative and productive day.

Bless you all, Paul.


Editor and Chief


Book Bible     By Victoria Saccenti

 The title of this post may seem strange to some readers, but others will smile knowingly.  In my experience, a Book Bible is the single, most important tool in the author’s arsenal.  It will assist in any genre, Erotica, Romance, Thrillers and more.  But it is the make-it-or-break-it device for the Historical Fiction and Series writer.  This outstanding item is not sold in stores, by the way.  It can’t be purchased in Home Depot, Walmart, or ordered through Amazon—the world’s superstore.


 A Book Bible must be created, one reference, one fact, and one page at a time. This is the author’s lifeline to the current and future stories, what maintains the continuity intact, and the key to immerse readers into the world he/she is constructing.   The gathering and sifting through the research is a unique process, not only does it serve as a learning tool, it also justifies the course of the story. 

 Okay, time for full disclosure, I did not create the term Book Bible.  The credit goes to Nalini Singh—at the 2014 RWA in San Antonio—for giving an official name to the file, notebook, pile of papers, and book collection I have accumulated throughout four years of researching for Destiny’s Plan and now Destiny’s Choice, Book two.  

 We are all familiar with Lao-Tzu’s: The Journey of a thousand miles…right?  My first step, the initial entry in the notebook was a Greyhound bus.  Why? What’s so significant or unusual about a mass transportation bus?

 Everything, especially if the bus is circa 1967.

 Matthew Buchanan, the main protagonist of Destiny’s Plan, insisted his story belonged in mid-1960. Even though writing gurus do not believe the 60’s era falls within Historical Fiction parameters, research is essential in order to keep the ambiance and remain accurate.  The decade may seem fairly modern. However, society’s technological progress has advanced at warp speed since then.  The Gemini project had just concluded.  Think of it, Aldrin and Armstrong would not land in the Moon for another two years. 

 Therefore, a bus carrying passengers between Texas and Florida in June of 1967 would look entirely different than one today.  Did it have a/c, air vents, or both?  How many seats per row? How many levels, one or two?   What about schedules and travel times?  These questions had to be answered before the story began.  Even if none of the facts made it to the pages, the findings had to be jotted down in that precious notebook and checked often. 

 Reality check: we did not have electric coffee makers in 1967.  Isn’t that a kicker?

The 60’s were busy, crazy, cataclysmic years, a decade that started with a bang: An American U-2 spy plane was shot down over the Soviet Union, US and Cuba broke diplomatic relations in 1961, the Missile Crises followed in 1962, events continued to decline until the US lost all its innocence.  A researcher’s dream.  But, before I plunged in, I realized I had overlooked Raquelita’s side of the story.  Her parents were born in Southern Spain.  In order to present the story’s mother-daughter conflict, show convincingly the cause and effect factor, I had to travel in time to the Spanish Civil War.

 Can you see it?  My notebook is expanding, getting fatter by the minute. The file folder is stuffed to the gills.

 Vietnam was the next monster to tackle.  In addition to reading Internet documents, the war required poring through books, several, not one or two. I wrote a blog on this. When Writing Takes A Back Seat.  It did, writing came to a screeching halt, but with good results: I read Robin Moore’s The Green Berets and Hans Halberstadt’s War Stories of the Green Berets two wonderful gems.  

 Robin Moore, an accomplished writer, author of The French Connection, survived the full Special Forces training and later served in Vietnam.   Halberstadt wrote about his personal experiences as a Green Beret.  Both men imparted a “having lived” sensation in their books, with a light hand they showed me hell.  

 Only two details remained, when and where?  I found the answers in a tiny, almost overlooked book by military historian Shelby L. Stanton.  He discusses Lang Vei, a distant Special Forces outpost, scant miles from the Laos’s border, and the site of a tragic defeat against the North Vietnamese Army in February 1968. 

 The majority of camp and arms details fell on the cutting room floor . Destiny’s Plan is a love story in every sense, and I didn’t want to bore my potential readers to death with a military type narrative. Still, some of it had to appear, Matthew and his best friend Brian, served in Vietnam.  The war defines them in Destiny’s Plan and in later books.  I had to show what both men saw and felt, their fears, their concerns, and their loneliness. I can only hope I’ve succeeded in recreating their emotions in the book.

 Recently, someone inquired if I would tear up Destiny’s Plan’s Bible.  Impossible!  In order to continue writing the Destiny’s Series, that first book is key. It’s the source.  It has dates, years, birthdays, old calendars, and details of important characters, everything I will need for the future, and everything I can’t afford to lose: six years of my life.

You can find me on Amazon:
Victoria Saccenti


Tips for Indie Writers        By Karen J Mossman

There are many benefits to being an independent author.

* You make all the decisions

* Publish when you want to

* Make instant changes to your book

* Promote as much as you like

* Sell direct

* Keep stats

So benefits all round? Not quite. Writing is the easy and the fun part. Promoting and selling is a lot more difficult and some are better at it than others. The best way to do anything is to join a group of indie authors – they maybe your competition, but they are also your greatest ally.

The group I first joined on Facebook are awesome. They were always supportive, friendly and helpful. That’s why they are known as the #Awesome Awethors, but there are also plenty of others including Authors Professional Co-op.

Sharing is the key to success and I want to share with you what I have learnt, and the ideas I’ve picked up along the way.

* Low Sales

* Promoting

* Selling

* Reviews

Low Sales

You’ve published a book, you’ve hit the button and it is live. You wait for sales to come in and they don’t. That is precisely what happened to me with my first book. I pressed the button, told my family and friends and sat back and waited. When the initial sales dried up, I didn’t know what to do next.

For a year figures were grim. I reached 1 or 2 sales a month or sometimes a big fat zero. When I spoke to other writers, many said the same. If you don’t promote, you don’t sell. Take your eyes off the ball and sales always drop.


One of the reasons some indie authors appear successful is because they are very good at promoting. They are able to keep a high profile without flooding the market with the same post and the same book all the time.

Creating your book is only the first step. Marketing and promoting is the key to sales as you wouldn’t buy a product yourself, if you hadn’t heard of it.

Writing is the easy part, the fun part, and it is what the writer is good at. To be a self published author, you have to become a book seller too.

Business cards are a great way of telling people who you are and I know of one writer who goes to her local shopping mall and just hands them out to shoppers.

If you are a mystery writer, attend a murder/mystery show, where you can hand out your business card, or go to the cinema and wait for people to come out having watched a film the same genre as your book. Just hand out cards or just leave them in handy places. Many probably won’t get looked at, but if one or two decide to look at your site. You may have found a potential reader.

Try to come up with your own marketing plan, write down in an easy to follow step by step, or even a day by day guide. Listen and watch other writer’s and always be on the lookout for new ideas to add to your list.

When I re-launched a book with a new title, I did a blog tour and also enlisted several bloggers to have me as a guest on their site. I also asked for people to advertise those sites on their own social media account. Potential readers clicked on the links that went with them and bought my book as a result.

I also set up my own Facebook group for the week of the launch. This way I was able to give everyone a different day to post, and co-ordinate the way people blasted it out on their own Social Media sites. All the bloggers and posters just picked off the links each day and re posted. It was quite a hive of activity.

Attend other online book events and get an author slot. This is a great way to get your name noticed. Attend some first and have a look at what goes on.

Building an audience takes time and an author has to be patient and just keep doing it. The alternative is stop promoting and selling, and why would we do that when we love what we do.?

Many authors admit that they don’t write to ‘just’ earn money, they write because they love it. It is very much a two edged sword.

Promoting is none stop. Visit message boards, meet people, post in Facebook and don’t forget other social media sites such as Tumblr and Stumble upon as well as Twitter. No matter how good your book is, you won’t sell it if people don’t know it is there.

Another idea is ask authors, especially those that have a big following, if you can post your book details on their page.

Every Facebook message or tweet or Retweet or blog or book sold gets us that one step closer.

They is no blue print for success, you just have to develop things as you go along and see what works for you.

Promoting Suggestions

* Tweet, and ask people to retweet – vary your tweets

* Hand out business cards

* Attend online book events

* Cross promote on other author’s Facebook pages

* Arrange a blog tour

* Mention your book at every occasion

* Make a poster and take your book to a local book store

* Give a copy to the local library

* Keep promoting, don’t stop


I had been bemoaning about small sales for a while and then realised when I re-launched my book, Joanna’s Journey, I had offered signed copies. I sold 25 immediately. That is more sales than I’d had all year. It’s what all Indie authors should also think about doing when they have a new book out.

Having a website and getting people to follow is another good way of getting your work noticed. You can do many things there to bring in the traffic. I have some short stories on mine and if people like them, there is a link where they can buy my books as well.

It’s important to build your brand and there are many well known authors with several books to their name who simply sell because people read their previous books and like them. They write a certain type of book and gain a following. So if all your books are similar in some way, then that is your brand and that’s what gets you noticed.

Do you think you can talk in public? How about going to a residential home for the elderly, or any club or place where people gather. Give them a talk and of course take your books. Tell them about Indie Authors, ask them what they like to read, get them involved. Take goodies with you, book marks, promotion cards, sweets even. One romantic writer always takes Love Hearts, little sweeties with messages of love written on them. She offers them to people. When they take one, she will ask them what they like reading. You could even offer your book as a raffle prize giving back their funds.

One author I know, has a book about cycling, he goes to every bike event he can with it and always sells a few. Could you do that with your book? I have a short story collection called Behind the Music, so any musical event would work for it.

As writers, we are also readers and haven’t we come across a series of books and either read them in order because we liked the first one, or gone back to read the rest? Series are a great way of getting the reader hooked and selling more books. Especially as the author continues builds their brand. I’ve heard that it’s a good formula is to give Book One away as a taster, and then sell the others. Writing for anthologies will get your name noticed and add to your list of books.

Sales Suggestions:

* If your book has a theme, find an event

* Get a following, build your brand

* Write a book series, or link your books.

* Look for events where you can have a table

* Do book talks

* Do a blog tour


I review every book I read and I also click the button on Amazon which asks whether the review I’ve just read was helpful or not. Our aim is to get our readers to do the same.

Goodreads is another community or readers and writers. It has its own set of reviews. If you don’t have an author profile, you should get one and list yours books. There are also many groups you can get involved in including review groups. The more you are in, the better your name and your books will be known.

Just before you release your book, try offering ARCs, Advanced Readers Copy. Ask them to read it and leave a review just after it goes live.

You could also offer to read another author’s book and review it in exchange for reading yours. Agree a time line to do this.

Free promotions for a limited time also help. Amazon run them and I recently offered one of my books free for three days. I had almost 300 downloads. I hope out of those to get at least 5 reviews, and indeed have already received some.

Goodreads run giveaways and you can select which countries to offer it in. Readers apply and also add the book to their ‘to read’ file and you can only hope they do get round to it and of course leave that review.

Be aware that Amazon have tightened their reviewing process and if they think a readers knows the author (even if they don’t) they will take the review down. It’s unfair and it causing a storm in the writer’s world.

There are many others places, such a blogs by both writers and readers. Seek them out and offer your book.

* Run an Amazon promotion

* Goodreads Giveaway

* ARCs

* Swap with other writers

* Blog Reviews

* Promote! Promote! Promote

My advice to anyone is to keep writing, keep promoting and sell books as it’s the only way to get your name out there. It takes time and have of confidence in yourself and your work and you will eventually start having regular sales.

Books by Karen J Mossman – Amazon – author.to/KM

Joanna’s Journey

The Secret

The Missing

Behind the Music


Social Media

Website – https://karenjmossman.wordpress.com/

Blogs – https://karensbookbuzz.wordpress.com/

Goodreads – https://www.goodreads.com/KarenJMossman

Twitter – https://twitter.com/KarenJMoss

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/karenjmossmanauthor?fref=ts

Tumblr – http://karenmossman.tumblr.com

Pinterest – https://uk.pinterest.com/karen_mossman/

Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/kazzmoss/





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